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Going in the wrong direction again, par duniya gol hai

15 APRIL 2007
Sahar has completed 4 years. Started school.
Aliza is 2 and 2 month. Aliza- 100% child, here to remind us that God wants us to be happy.

OK, I’m on an AA flight to Chicago on my way to Las Vegas.

Going in the wrong direction again but this time I know its for the last time. My decision started on the last flight to USA and this one has sealed it.
Rajani is leaving, Mom is going to SFO….. I have had my fill of proving my worth in my workplace. Its time for Aliza, Sahar and me and for our family, our khandaan.

All I need is the nerve to start driving – then its city park and school and groceries and driving to Delhi… and Natasha fully functional and independant as an adult!

I have decided to resign and take a break from June1, 2007.
The temptations are many. There is so much confusion right now in the organization that I can negotiate a different role where I’d have lesser working hours, no travel and perhaps less stress.

But my relationship with Sahar and Aliza is considerably damaged and there is only one way to fix it… total commitment.
Be available to them when they need me. Make them my first priority.
That is only possible if I take a complete break. No commitments to work, no C & B from work.