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Blowing the Lid off a Marriage

A good long day being folded and put away for the night suddenly flares up with an unexpected argument. I forget what the disagreement was about but I remember how we went about it. A casual remark sparked a more … Continue reading

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Do you know where the tears come from?

When I died that day, I didn’t die. I broke many parts but I survived. All of me didn’t live either. I carried the dead weight with me for years. That’s also why I cry. At funerals where everyone else … Continue reading

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Message from a friend.

Dear Natasha, the Internet is a huge world but it’s your photos that sustain me in this time. I just lost my father. Thank you and namaste. [We have a book at home with a story of a baby turtle … Continue reading

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In Conversation with Roger Ebert Roger Ebert started it.  He wrote a straight from the heart piece about why he tweets and how it is a positive force for him. It is a substitute for something he lost, and a darned good replacement it … Continue reading

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