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Yes, I am a Pakistani

Are you a Pakistani?” The first time I overheard this question, my daughter was five years old. We were attending a pre-wedding function at a friend’s home. It was 28 November 2008, and 10 terrorists from Pakistan had laid siege … Continue reading

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Blowing the Lid off a Marriage

A good long day being folded and put away for the night suddenly flares up with an unexpected argument. I forget what the disagreement was about but I remember how we went about it. A casual remark sparked a more … Continue reading

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Marriage. Don’t do it, seriously.

One evening we lost our two-year-old in the park. We had just moved into a new home. There were unexpected guests and a pocket of chaos as we cleared away cartons on the floor and put enough chairs for everyone. … Continue reading

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Band Baaja Baraat

In the middle of the film, I leaned over to Afzal and asked, “Why is she so angry with him?” “Same reason that you get angry with me,” he answered. Bread pakode ki kasam, I really did not know that … Continue reading

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What if you like it very much there? he asked me. The problem will be if I don’t like it there, I answered. Why? Because I don’t like it here either, my dear.I want somewhere to go.

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Whose wife is it anyway

. 8 years. Finally I have a sense of why I don’t use the word ‘Wife.’ Husband-Wife doesn’t seem to be a relationship between two people. Its a social and cultural construct. Loaded with expectations, rules, code of conduct. Thank … Continue reading

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What are you doing, hiding behind him?

I’m hiding behind him because the superficial world, the chamki world, the world of aggression and competition tempts me too much. I love it, I thrive in it………. but I don’t want to spend all my time and life there.Its … Continue reading

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