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Blowing the Lid off a Marriage

A good long day being folded and put away for the night suddenly flares up with an unexpected argument. I forget what the disagreement was about but I remember how we went about it. A casual remark sparked a more … Continue reading

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What were we afraid of losing?

We spent our best years fightingThat was the best thing about them.We began to live together when we began to fightWe began to fight when we became unafraid of losing.What were we afraid of losing?I know I was afraid of … Continue reading

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Do you know where the tears come from?

When I died that day, I didn’t die. I broke many parts but I survived. All of me didn’t live either. I carried the dead weight with me for years. That’s also why I cry. At funerals where everyone else … Continue reading

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My Love Story: to live and to write

Where is my love story, I thought as I sat in a corner in the garden, crouching under the guava tree, hidden from direct view by a shrub. The love is all around, the story carries on….. its the conflicts, … Continue reading

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Busy Busy

He’s a gambler, I’m an addictWe keep busy Both of us seek reformRehabilitationRegeneration We telleach otherstories We keep busyHe Adventure Hunter, Risk LoverMe Challenge Addict

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Homeless at Home

Homeless at Home I’m a film-maker , an artist, a mother and my husband’s lover. What’s wrong with the word, wife? Must be something not okay about it because I do not say I am a wife. I am probably … Continue reading

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