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Blowing the Lid off a Marriage

A good long day being folded and put away for the night suddenly flares up with an unexpected argument. I forget what the disagreement was about but I remember how we went about it. A casual remark sparked a more … Continue reading

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What were we afraid of losing?

We spent our best years fightingThat was the best thing about them.We began to live together when we began to fightWe began to fight when we became unafraid of losing.What were we afraid of losing?I know I was afraid of … Continue reading

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Rage, rage against the dying of the light

“That girl, your friend’s niece, she got married?” It was a really random question I asked my mother. We were finishing dinner, she and I. The children had already eaten, I could hear a music based reality show on the … Continue reading

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Do you know where the tears come from?

When I died that day, I didn’t die. I broke many parts but I survived. All of me didn’t live either. I carried the dead weight with me for years. That’s also why I cry. At funerals where everyone else … Continue reading

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Band Baaja Baraat

In the middle of the film, I leaned over to Afzal and asked, “Why is she so angry with him?” “Same reason that you get angry with me,” he answered. Bread pakode ki kasam, I really did not know that … Continue reading

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Notes on M A B

MAB: I don’t know why I love you, but Damn! I do Makes the most atrocious (embarrassing) PC. Unapologetically. Is masseur par excellence. Expert at cleaning the bathroom he uses…. he dries the floor with the wiper…. even if the … Continue reading

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