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Conversation: Go back to being Mama and Papa!

Breakfast Table.
Af is building a dream home for us. And I am getting to colour it. (she swoons…..)
My colourful, somewhat eclectic dress sense is going to get translated into a colourful home. Co-ordinating my clothes is all the training I have. Not even designing, just buying haphazardly and then co-ordinating.

Af seems to be addicted to building homes. Built one for his Mum. One for Bajjo. Keeps wanting to trade the ones he has built to build a newer, better one for the same people. Always slows down the car and looks dreamily at the ones they built and sold to other people.
Is struggling, suffering to complete this magnum opus we started building 3 years ago. And is already talking about the next one he will build for our family. Same size, open inner courtyard, bigger plot.

I grew up in flats, so I’m pretty slow to catch on to this mania.

Anyway, Af is sitting at the breakfast table and swooning over the wood that he has got for the doors of this house.

Oh Natasha, the wood, the teak, the polish, the grains…… after the doors are put in nothing else will matter. No one will look at anything else…….We will stop looking at each other. We will only look at the doors.

I lean forward towards him and whisper, “So long as I can still touch you in the dark….”

I have barely registered the twinkle in his shy eyes, when Ali cries out loud:

Oh my God, how does she know!