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What were we afraid of losing?

We spent our best years fightingThat was the best thing about them.We began to live together when we began to fightWe began to fight when we became unafraid of losing.What were we afraid of losing?I know I was afraid of … Continue reading

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I was born to write this.

There is a song in┬áChak De! India┬áthat has a very unexpected effect on me. It happened first during a car journey. I was travelling to the Tees Hazari District courts with my 3-year-old daughter by my side. We were going … Continue reading

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What if you like it very much there? he asked me. The problem will be if I don’t like it there, I answered. Why? Because I don’t like it here either, my dear.I want somewhere to go.

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Conversation: fighting like children

We are building a home. We are raising three little children.Its exhausting, exhilirating, tiresome, mind-numbing……it’s what WE have chosen to do. We like trouble, we take risks…..they just don’t appear to us to be either trouble or risks when we … Continue reading

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green curtains with gold borders

I used to carryhomeinside me It was lightIt made me freeto sleep anywherehowever lateIt was easy to be homeAlways Then it started growingBecame heavyBulkyNoisyInterferingIt would ring me in the middle of a conversationKnock Knock It began to hurtI put it … Continue reading

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Conversation: Go back to being Mama and Papa!

Breakfast Table. Af is building a dream home for us. And I am getting to colour it. (she swoons…..) My colourful, somewhat eclectic dress sense is going to get translated into a colourful home. Co-ordinating my clothes is all the … Continue reading

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