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Love letter to my firstborn

My dear Sahar, You were sitting in my lap in the front seat of our car. Your father was driving. I was crying. “My baby, my baby,” I whispered, holding you tight. We had just found out that we were … Continue reading

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Do you know where the tears come from?

When I died that day, I didn’t die. I broke many parts but I survived. All of me didn’t live either. I carried the dead weight with me for years. That’s also why I cry. At funerals where everyone else … Continue reading

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Camera fingers at a red light.

I have camera fingers. We had just left from Dr. Dhama’s clinic in Kotla and were on our way to a CNG station near Nehru stadium. At the first red light, we saw pigeons. Pigeons, oblivious to the harsh afternoon … Continue reading

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Angry and Fragile

One Saturday afternoon, in the summer of 2009, I said to Fr. Os, Aliza is so fragile. The smallest things make her breakdown into extreme reactions. (Like me suggesting a different sandal or offering a pink bottle instead of the … Continue reading

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My Mum

This visit home I understood something a little better. How she coped with everything putting her best efforts into it, because she tried to give Dad everything like he wants it, she tried to keep things peaceful for us, and … Continue reading

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