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Imaginary friends never die.

The little girl was very sad. She could not tell why. She made an imaginary friend. He was lovely but he died. Now she knew why she was so sad. Ah, imaginary friends never die. But this one left the … Continue reading

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depression is good for you

Today I read a 7 page article on how depression makes you a better person and sadness should not be stigmatized. Which was a lucky break really because the time I’d have wasted moping around, I spent reading this piece, … Continue reading

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Slow Coach

I’m slow. Say something begins to happen now. I begin to note the symptoms in a few months.Takes me 6-8 months , sometimes over a year to figure out that I may be depressed. Or angry. Then 2-3 years, sometimes … Continue reading

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Get out of my house right this minute

My therapist/trainer is called Fr. Os I said one day, I seem depressed. I have no energy, where’s my spirit?He said: Ask the depression what it wants? So I did. Depression, what do you want?The cheeky bastard, it said, I … Continue reading

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