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Wearing Purple | Ochre Sky

am on a flight at Delhi airport, waiting to take off for Mumbai.

I am wearing a purple cotton saree, purple silk jacket, purple bindi and purple chashma.

You might think I am too purple, but my blouse, earrings and sandals are not purple. My petticoat is a satin beige… The one Mum got stitched for me for my wedding reception.

On 4th November, 2014, I spoke at the Sheroes Summit in New Delhi. I spoke about being a media professional with so many different roles over the years and then starting Ochre Sky with Rohit.

I spoke about my shame, embarrassment, fears. My ego and my class hang-ups. Speaking with candour is so therapeutic, why don’t more of us do it more often?

I’ll tell you more about all this soon. For right now, picture me in purple! There are pink fish and lotuses on the saree palla.

I used Opera Coast to blog this from my phone, btw. Despite the warning that this browser is unsupported. 

I could have used purple perfume too, but I forgot all about it!