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What were we afraid of losing?

We spent our best years fightingThat was the best thing about them.We began to live together when we began to fightWe began to fight when we became unafraid of losing.What were we afraid of losing?I know I was afraid of … Continue reading

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Tareef. Praise. Roger Ebert.

Roger Ebert died today. He was 70. This link below has been sitting in the drafts folder of my blog for a long time. Of course I am proud of the words he used to describe me. I am proud … Continue reading

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We are like this only.

Lil Naseem is now old enough to call me at work. Mamma, she says, Come home quickly. I want to drink your milk. Yes baby, I’m on my way, I say.

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Conversation: fighting like children

We are building a home. We are raising three little children.Its exhausting, exhilirating, tiresome, mind-numbing……it’s what WE have chosen to do. We like trouble, we take risks…..they just don’t appear to us to be either trouble or risks when we … Continue reading

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