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Create New from Old Waste

Sahar received a Certificate from school for this project. Third Prize.

Create at least two furniture items etc. from household waste items like cartons.
I have to admit I hijacked the project. I should be apologetic but honestly, I enjoyed myself too much. Also, it was somewhat out of the scope of 6 year old Sahar.

The BIG saving grace is that I did not know that the project was competitive. I am so glad for that. I would certainly not have enjoyed the experience then. I know I would have gone either into Competitive or Rebel mode.
That’s my training from my student days: Either fight to be first or reject the game altogether.
Both NG responses, waste of energy and goodwill.

So I enjoyed this project because I did not know that it was competitive. Thank God the tests and grading system model has mostly been abandoned by schools today. Atleast the one we have been lucky to choose for our kids.

Next step, Unlearn and Retrain. Because I don’t want to pass this on to my children.

Btw, do you like the yellow cupboard and blue house we made? There are red shelves inside the cupboard. And the flower detail on the house. :^)