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Love letter to my firstborn

My dear Sahar, You were sitting in my lap in the front seat of our car. Your father was driving. I was crying. “My baby, my baby,” I whispered, holding you tight. We had just found out that we were … Continue reading

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Rage, rage against the dying of the light

“That girl, your friend’s niece, she got married?” It was a really random question I asked my mother. We were finishing dinner, she and I. The children had already eaten, I could hear a music based reality show on the … Continue reading

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Imaginary friends never die.

The little girl was very sad. She could not tell why. She made an imaginary friend. He was lovely but he died. Now she knew why she was so sad. Ah, imaginary friends never die. But this one left the … Continue reading

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Aliza came running across the house yesterday, hands folded. Sorry, Mamma, sorry, she said, Sorry for all the wrong things I’ve done so far. We laughed and hugged.

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poetic, lyrical, musical

My FB update: “She’s our Haiku, he said, adjusting Baby on his shoulders.”   My own Comment: Doesn’t make much sense, but she feels good.  Baby played with his hair, woowoo woo” A friend’s comment: What do you mean makes … Continue reading

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Two Versions

Two versions. Papa’s and Mine. Two paths diverged in the woods. Dad took one and I took the other. We were both looking for the same thing.‘You matter, you are important, I love you.’ And eventually we were looking for … Continue reading

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Where am I?

I stay in one placeAnchoredI wander near homeCome back to myself Found tears, kept in a boxLost under a heap.Some I tried on,Like old earrings. Blurred vision,Wet cheeks,Letting go of painSmall bits, one at a time.

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