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Do you know where the tears come from?

When I died that day,
I didn’t die.
I broke many parts but I survived.
All of me didn’t live either.
I carried the dead weight with me for years.

That’s also why I cry.

At funerals where everyone else is dry-eyed.
At weddings,
When the bride begins to walk away.
In school, when children get on stage,
Crying brings me back from my dead.

I cry for grandmothers who didn’t stop to mourn.
For people who were gone before I was born.

I cry for children silenced by abuse.
I close my eyes not knowing where the tears come from.
I cry because no one else did.

Parents who hate and try to pass it off as love.
Learning to be indifferent because feeling hurts too much.
Because we are strong.
We must move on.
We must get up and dust our hands.

I cry because it is an ocean inside.
I didn’t know it.
It surprises me.
Tears come in waves.
I struggle to remember the faces for whom I cry.

I cry because he never did.
I cry because he learned to laugh when he wanted to cry.
I cry because I want to stop him but I cannot.
I cry because it bothers him.
It jolts him.

It might make him cry one day.

World Peace

This is my world, I say.

This is my world, he says.

Two circles.

Sometimes they intersect and make a cosy little nook with a rainbow above and the gentle soundtrack of a gurgling brook in the background.

Sometimes, they just touch. We can reach out to each other and hold hands.

Sometimes the circles float away, independent, but within sight.
I love you, A. I love you too, N.

Sometimes, collision.
The impact sends me off further. After a while, I have to stop, pull the brakes, float about in space for a while. Find my way back. At least to where we can see each other, even if from a distance.
(the melodrama of this journey….. my hurtling away and then returning, exhausted, but calmer…..I could be in one of those movies that I cannot watch anymore)

We are doing something very Important together.
I’ll tell you about it another day, when I find the words for it.