My Daughters’ Mum, with Natasha Badhwar

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Red Polka‘s ‘aww-some’ edition- Cherubs’ Trunk this week is filled with adorable stuff for kids, you can buy. For our #TuesdayTale we invited Natasha Badhwar to be our story-teller. Badhwar is the mother of three beautiful daughters. She is columnist, a film-maker and a design entrepreneur. Her fortnightly column in Mint Lounge is called “My Daughters’ Mum“. We totally dig her narrative and captivating writing style. Today she shares some scintillating nuances that make her relationship with her daughters a special one. She shares a slice of her life, and tells us all about her girls (little women, as she calls them), her shopping habits, and everything about all the kids in her family! Read on, you’ll go “awww”! Natasha-Badhwar-creative-for-blog-whatsapp-etcLove. Shop. Kids by Natasha Badhwar 

I am the mother of three little women between the ages of 6 and 12. Contrary to expectations, children’s clothes salesmen don’t…

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