Friends make me. I make friends.

Friends make me. I make friends.
I have not met Quinn yet, but we meet each other a lot. One afternoon, she wrote to me on Facebook. We talked, we smiled, we fell in love. With life.

Quinn Sutherland wrote on your Timeline.
18 April at 14:00
One day, when I visit New Delhi, you and I will meet for tea. Our time will be limited as I will have jet-lag and you will have family obligations. We will share our life stories in spurts and random pieces. Our conversation will not be remotely linear, but every colourful detail will make sense and fall into its place.
I will begin to feel better and wonder if I should eat something. I will describe my home and you will nod, saying oh yes––you already knew that about me. I will, at some point, tell you I read about your career path and other journeys. You will receive a comforting call from home and decide you can visit a little longer. You will ask the server for a menu and I will tell you my stomach is still upset from the flight. We will laugh about how absurd it is that my first meal in India will be something bland.
You will tell me about your world, your beloved India. We will occasionally laugh so hard the couple at the next table will shake their heads. You will gently apologize for our noise level. You will explain to them that we are friends who are finally meeting in person. They will smile and nod. I will not require translation to understand the exchange.
We will eat delicious bread and honey. I will start to choke, and you will ask how I can travel alone when I can’t even chew my food properly. I will tell you how I am a better person because you are my part of my world. I will add that your updates are a beautiful way to greet each day and that I value your insight.
One of us will notice the time. You will notice I have dropped a scarf and you will place it on my shoulder. You will tell me which markets to avoid and the places I should not miss during my stay. I will slip a small gift in your bag and ask you not to open it until you get home. We will laugh once more as we say goodbye. I will start walking back to my hotel and you will run back to me, suggesting an easier route. I will feel grateful for such a perfect day.

One day, when I come to New Delhi, you and I will meet for tea.

You, Suj BoseShalini Premachandran Frøiland,Sucheta Tiwari and 15 others like this.Natasha Badhwar I don’t think you meant for this to happen, but tears have welled up in my eyes…
You will tell me about your travel plans and I will nod approvingly and think in my mind that travel companies and the internet have become such efficient guides.
It will strike me that there is no reason for you for stay in a hotel in Delhi, why don’t you stay with me? It will be a little awkward as we have this conversation, and then we will agree that when you return to Delhi from the mountains and the desert and the visit to the ghats in Benaras, you must stay with us.
I will introduce you to our children as my friend and they will understand instantly, eager to listen to you and place you in the world as they understand it…and something will come full circle.
The man, the father who makes chai in our home will bring tea and by that time you would have had a lot of chai everywhere in India, and you will put up your feet on your chair and change the way your hair is knotted and hold the cup of tea with both hands. He will bombard us with ideas of what all is possible in the two days you have left… and we shall take it from there.

Little Nam might go to her library and return with a book which has a picture of someone who looks quite like you. She will show it to us.
18 April at 14:30 · Like · 8Quinn Sutherland You have become one of my dearest friends, and I thought you should know what it might be like should we ever meet in person. Your updates have become an essential part of my day. Oh,Natasha – do you know how to administer the Heimlich maneuver?
18 April at 14:38 · Unlike · 3Aneela Zeb Babar … And after the sixth no make it the fifth cup you will mention the perplexing creature that is Aneela. What does one do with a creature like Aneela?
18 April at 16:21 via mobile · Unlike · 5Dipali Taneja I like this Aneela person:):):)
18 April at 17:58 · Unlike · 1Natasha Badhwar In Hindi and Urdu,Quinn, there is one word for this. Dosti.
18 April at 19:29 via mobile · Like · 6Dipali Taneja Such a beautiful letter ! What wonderful friends!
18 April at 23:18 · LikeAavo Toli अर्ज किया है …
मरहम हुआँ कोइ दोस्त / maraham hua koi dost / a friend becomes familial
जैसे रिश्ता कोइ दर्द का / jaise rishta koi dard ka / as though related by pain

मरहम हुआँ कोइ दोस्त / maraham hua koi dost / a friend becomes familial
जैसे रिश्ता कोइ दर्द का / jaise rishta koi dard ka / as though related by pain
मरहम हुआँ कोइ दोस्त / maraham hua koi dost / a friend becomes familial
जैसे रिश्ता कोइ दर्द का / jaise rishta koi dard ka / as though related by pain
19 April at 00:23 · Like · 1






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4 Responses to Friends make me. I make friends.

  1. I want to comment, but after reading all that anything I can think to say just feels pedestrian. Just…wow.

  2. Tarang Sinha says:

    You both have great imagination!:)Nice post:)

  3. Wow! Natasha, so nice to be able to touch so many lives with your marvelous words and pictures! Love!

  4. Priya says:

    Awe inspiring!Your writing is beautiful Natasha!! Discovered you recently.. love the way you write and the pics are all just so beautiful 🙂

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