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They say I am a good girl I had returned from a day of work in the city and gone straight to school to pick up the children. I hadn’t slept the whole night before because I had the column to submit…and that’s how I almost … Continue reading

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Ungrateful. Nashukra.

Hear this post here. The child and I were fooling around after her bath. I draped her in two towels, swaddled like a newborn and I carried her out of the bathroom in my arms. We giggled and I said, … Continue reading

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I was born to write this.

There is a song in┬áChak De! India┬áthat has a very unexpected effect on me. It happened first during a car journey. I was travelling to the Tees Hazari District courts with my 3-year-old daughter by my side. We were going … Continue reading

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Parrot on the Mulberry branch

  Let me show you a photo I took today morning, I said.(spring erupts on the mulberry branch) It looks like a parrot, said Naseem.

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