Mera Ghar

Our home got burgled.
We were very lucky in terms of how much was saved. And how safe we were. We were all away at that time.
I felt very sad. Also blessed…because of the way our friends and family surrounded me and supported us.

I took these photos to heal myself. After 5 days.

I also took these photos when I first returned home to the violated house. It was not pretty.

2 thoughts on “Mera Ghar”

  1. Oh Natasha! I am so sorry to hear about this. Someone broke into our home a couple years ago, and what bothered me more than the loss of the valuables was the sense of violation. Only our cats were home at the time, and while they were obviously alarmed, they were unharmed, so the only losses were of material possessions. While it was sad to lose things like my engagement ring, and all the jewelry I inherited from my grandmother and had received as special gifts over the years, and my computer…ultimately those were just things, and I figure if someone was desperate enough to need to break in to get that stuff, then they must need it more than we did…but that sense of violation was horrid…I suddenly feared that our home wasn't safe and I couldn't sleep at night for fear that I wouldn't be able to protect my children. We took some steps to prevent future break ins, which helped a bit, and over time I was able to shake that icky, violated feeling…Your home looks beautiful in those 'after' photos, and I wish you comfort and quick healing from the strong emotional turmoil such an event can cause. Luckily for your beautiful girls, they have an amazing mother who can create a safe space for them, emotionally and physically, and they will learn from her how to do the same for themselves, and their future families, too. Much love coming at you from us here in the states.

  2. i think, no i believe that every person's home is a part of their soul, their identity. and, this is like molesting your soul, violating it. anger does not encompass the feeling!i hope you and your lovely daughters are fine. take care of yourself. *hugs*

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