मैं घुमन्तू: तेरे मेरे बीच में

My friend Anu, wrote about her and me. I read  Anu’s blogpost aloud. My voice broke while reading it, tears flowed. I had to wipe my nose and other such embarrassments.

“मैं तुम्हारे पास क्यों आती हूं, नहीं जानती। लेकिन एक ऐसी क्रेविंग-सी होती है कि जिसमें तुम्हें जोर से गले लगा लेने के अलावा कुछ नहीं सूझता। तुम्हारे और मेरे बीच का फ़ासला ठीक-ठाक बड़ा है, उम्र के लिहाज़ से भी और मीलों की दृष्टि से भी। लेकिन तुम्हारी शक्ल में अपना चेहरा दिखता है – कुछ सालों बाद वाला। तुम्हारी ओर चलते हुए मीलों का जो फ़ासला घटता है,  वो अंदर किसी खाई को भर रहा होता है। जाने मैंने तुम्हें कभी बताया है या नहीं, बट इट इज़ थेरेपियॉटिक – तुम तक सिर्फ चल कर जाना, अपने फोन की स्क्रीन पर तुम्हारा नाम चमकते हुए देख लेना, तुम्हारी आवाज़ में ‘हां जानू’ सुन लेना… (more here: मैं घुमन्तू: तेरे मेरे बीच में )

Our children playing 4 corners.

I love you, Anu.

About Natasha Badhwar

"Because I'm a Tinker. That's who I am. Tinkers fix things. But I can't do it alone." (Pause for lots of action. Group Action......) "You did it, Tinker, you saved Spring!" I also have three children, one marriage, a million friends and one life.
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4 Responses to मैं घुमन्तू: तेरे मेरे बीच में

  1. Kirti says:

    I have been reading and re-reading your blog since long, got introduced to you via your articles on Livemint. Felt like commenting on this blog because I could relate to what the lady is trying to tell you (trust me she means more than the words). I have a decently good life, family and husband but I can't live without my soul sisters :)Btw all your blogs & pictures are heart-warming and your daughters are adorable. You all look like one great family & really 'nice' people. (Touch wood:)

  2. Natasha says:

    Thank you for your love, your heart warming words and thank YOU for writing in. It means a lot to me.

  3. And I would like to thank you too, Kirti. Yes, I mean more than the words. 🙂

  4. Erum Zeeshan says:

    I cant read hindi 😦 stumbled upon your blog yesterday and reading it since then 🙂

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