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Letting Go of Hurt.

They sent me home after first aid. I had a chipped front tooth and a deep gash in my inner lip where my teeth had dug into the skin. I couldn’t speak the sounds that required the lips to touch … Continue reading

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Why I write about things we have forgotten.

Many of the columns I write for Mint Lounge are difficult to write. I stay up nights. I sleep a lot. I wake up with sentences and connections in my head. I quickly write lines on the iPhone and put … Continue reading

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Conversations. (Love is a growing up)

It is late at night and the family has gone to sleep around me. I settle on the cool floor with my laptop. Our youngest child, Naseem, climbs out of her bed and comes to me. She is 3 years … Continue reading

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Friends with the underdog.

This is also that phase in our lives when this social media site called Twitter is like another member of the family. Or more like my pet dog, because only I spend time with it. This pet often curls up … Continue reading

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