Weaning Baby Nam

NamNam, Baby Nam, Naseem.

You are going to be 3 very soon. And you won’t wean.
Everybody wants to know why, of course. There is pressure to call this off, now.

Its called extended breastfeeding, I reassure myself. If there’s a name for it, then it is OK. If I can wiki it, it is fine.

(Insert Afzal’s joke here: If it can be said in English terms, then Natasha can understand it.)
The truth is, I know it is fine. 
Every second mother has brought up a kid with an extended nursing story attached. My Nani did. So many of my friend’s Mums did. 
And I know that Naseem knows what she is doing. What she needs, she asks for. My role is to enable.
Here is today morning’s conversation between us. Naseem spoke very politely, very clearly. 
Nam: Mamma, will you give me milk? From here. (she touches me)
Me: No, Naseem. This is not the time. 
Nam: Then, will you make a drawing for me?
Me: Yes, Naseem, I will.
Nam: I will colour it.
I draw a girl holding 3 balloons for her. This is me, she says. I have 3 balloons in my hand.
Yes, I say. 
She colours the drawing.
Her birthday in a month’s time. Happiness all around. Already.

(P.S.: Extended breastfeeding makes the mother’s skin glow. In my experience. I don’t know what else it could be.) 

12 thoughts on “Weaning Baby Nam”

  1. My baby is still feeding. He is 4 and a bit. His 3 siblings before him were just as enamoured. Only one actually decided all of his own to get off just after 3. My oldest was I think almost 5 when we finally were finished, falling asleep on booby replaced with falling asleep with a chapter book from daddy.

  2. Aw. It's perfectly fine. I weaned right before I joined kindergarten, a month after I turned three. That was 19 years ago and mom and I have both turned out great :)I love what you write, Natasha. It is soulful. I look forward to it every day (twitter).God Bless.Aw. It's perfectly fine. I weaned right before I joined kindergarten, a month after I turned three. That was 19 years ago and mom and I have both turned out great :)I love what you write, Natasha. It is soulful. I look forward to it every day (twitter).God Bless.

  3. Sweet Baby Nam :)! I think children who are nursed longer are even sweeter, if that is at all possible. My son weaned at 3 and a half. I miss the closeness, that tenderness. Its a great lesson in detachment for mom :)! Lots of love, Shazi

  4. Thank you for backing me up! Shazi, Mamabook, Sucheta and Priyanka.Look at you stories. If Naseem weans now, it would seem like she stopped too early, wouldn't it!Here, Baby Nam, you can get a snack whenever you ask for. Almost!Thanks for the love. I am so touched.

  5. I join the chorus of late weaners.When my daughter was 2 1/2 I had an ectopic (did not know I was pregnant and ignored pain and nearly lost the fragile hold!) . I hoped, as I was recovering, that it did not make for an abrupt end to my breast-feeding of Aurora. We did not feed for the time I was in hospital but when I got home, thankfully we resumed where we left off. Aurora weaned herself just before she turned three. Just thought I would add that she was a premature baby so I felt every ounce of my milk was needed. I think on the WHO figures the age of 5 was average but I don't know now. But one thing is for sure- everything changes! All the Best to you and your lovely little ones!

  6. Im a mom to a 2 years 3 month old baby boy and i was feeling all confused and sad about weaning my baby (he totally refuses anything else)…and well intentioned people keep advising on how its high time i wean him and how he is only getting overtly dependent on me etc….And what a surprise i got reading this piece as well as the comments it brought forth!!I feel so much better now!! what a relief!! So here my baby, here i come…no more "no's" to you 😉

  7. A friend sent me the link to this post and I'm glad she did. I'm in the process of weaning my 15 month daughter. I have been dragging my feet about it, since we both love it so much. Thank you for the post, it makes me feel that I don't have to rush into it, just because some people say it's time. I love the closeness and our time together. There's just nothing close to replace it.

  8. When he was born, i thought six months. When he was six months, I thought one year. On his first birthday, I thought well, I'll let him decide. He is two years and two months now, and we are both the happier for 'mimmi' time, as we call it. I have been warned that he will never let go, that he will be clingy and needy and manipulative, that my sex life will never rock, but i just smile through it all.May be i am imagining it, but he seems to smile more than most other babies i know. I can't help feeling that my girls have something to do with it.So glad to have found you!

  9. My small girl will be three in January and she still wants to nurse here and there. She's slowly weaning herself, and it's nice (and horrible), but she knows what she wants, like Nam. She is strong and not clingy, and confident and beautiful and all sorts of things mothers say about their children. She also understands when it's a good time and when it's not, and it's s sweet and intimate, I will remember it fondly.

  10. And there is more. When my little boy stopped nursing, he did so all at once. His mother offered him her nipple, and he laughed, what is that funny thing? He is now thirty, and every decision he has made in his life has been just as sudden.

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