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We are like this only.

Lil Naseem is now old enough to call me at work. Mamma, she says, Come home quickly. I want to drink your milk. Yes baby, I’m on my way, I say.

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I am well, it seems.

I’m typing at my desk. Little Naseem appears with her doctor set.I want to do your make-up, she says.Check-up? I ask.Yes, check up, she says. She uses her stethoscope on me, its pink heart makes a beep sound. I seem … Continue reading

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Afzal’s daughters have started to become quite bossy with him. Very bossy. Naseem just climbs over him like he is a tree and perches on his shoulders, then tries to sit on his head. ‘Come and make a puzzle with … Continue reading

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Weaning Baby Nam

NamNam, Baby Nam, Naseem. You are going to be 3 very soon. And you won’t wean. Everybody wants to know why, of course. There is pressure to call this off, now. Its called extended breastfeeding, I reassure myself. If there’s … Continue reading

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