>The story of Naseem


One day I’ll tell you the story of how we came to name our baby Naseem.
It is the story of India. Of its partition into India and Pakistan. Of being uprooted, massacred, looted, raped and killed. Of love that survives. Of love songs and poetry.
Mosques demolished by young men, a baby cut out of his mother’s womb and dangled on the tip of a sword in broad daylight.
Of love. Love that survives. That builds, rebuilds. A story of poets and activists.
Of humanity. Not one that is invincible, no. But humanity that will not die.
Naseem  ~fresh breeze of morning

About Natasha Badhwar

"Because I'm a Tinker. That's who I am. Tinkers fix things. But I can't do it alone." (Pause for lots of action. Group Action......) "You did it, Tinker, you saved Spring!" I also have three children, one marriage, a million friends and one life.
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3 Responses to >The story of Naseem

  1. kairu says:

    >That sweet baby of yours holds the eternity of the world in her eyes. You hardly need words to tell the story, but I can hardly wait to hear more.I remember, when I was about 13 or so, reading Vikram Seth's A Suitable Boy and being enthralled by the tangled threads of history and story…it was my first introduction to India, and took hold of a secret chamber in my heart. I left this love behind when I turned my face towards Russia and the boulevards traveled by your namesake Natasha Rostova. (Of this innocent young girl, Tolstoy wrote, "Elle etait fille; elle etait amoureuse…" – she was a girl, she was in love…). But if I love something, I will come back to it, no matter how long it takes. And, how I have now.

  2. >Ah Natasha! You are economy and equanimity. You say the most with the least words. Once again, this is lovely.

  3. >I love this blog so much Natasha…your honesty & humanity, the little stories of motherhood…they seem to tap into a part of me that I don't often visit. I don't have any children but being a parent is somehting I think of more & more now as I get older. I love your blog for the positive energy it sends out to readers like me.

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