Strong and Soft

A mother of 3 kids isn’t afraid of anything. Except traffic, maybe. I wrote to another Mum of 3 today.

Yet, I remember, when I was a kid, I longed for my Mum to be vulnerable. To be softer, to break over something, sometime.

To ask for help.

About Natasha Badhwar

"Because I'm a Tinker. That's who I am. Tinkers fix things. But I can't do it alone." (Pause for lots of action. Group Action......) "You did it, Tinker, you saved Spring!" I also have three children, one marriage, a million friends and one life.
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4 Responses to Strong and Soft

  1. arachnomaria says:

    I probably learned more from my mother on the days she showed weakness than on those she demonstrated strength. For sure I loved her more on these days. As a mother myself now,I do try to remember this.

  2. steinbolt1 says:

    If you educate a man you educate a person, but if you educate a woman you educate a family. – Rudy Manikan

  3. Mother is built that way. I know how my mother faced difficulties after demise of my father. The traits she showed that time and the way she overcame all difficulties, taught me the way to LIVE. Long live everyone's MOTHER 🙂

  4. arjumand says:

    My mom is soft, vulnerable like you wanted your mom to be.She has the strength to overcome, but I wish she had the strength not to take things lying down…..

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