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Today what-to-do List

Sahar Beg, 7 year old planner

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My Love Story: to live and to write

Where is my love story, I thought as I sat in a corner in the garden, crouching under the guava tree, hidden from direct view by a shrub. The love is all around, the story carries on….. its the conflicts, … Continue reading

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Love Poem

like freshly washed hairlike a drizzle in a breeze,I feel light and wavy moving gentlyto a rhythm, not mine,but yours

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poetic, lyrical, musical

My FB update: “She’s our Haiku, he said, adjusting Baby on his shoulders.”   My own Comment: Doesn’t make much sense, but she feels good.  Baby played with his hair, woowoo woo” A friend’s comment: What do you mean makes … Continue reading

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His dream

Two mornings ago, Afzal woke up and narrated his dream to me. He rarely remembers his dreams, that morning he did. He said that he dreamt of Ammi and me. Often in the dream, it would be Ammi, but she … Continue reading

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Sahar turns 7

Looking back, I think getting pregnant with Sahar is the line that divides a major before and after in my life. Ceratinly it is THE one line drawn in the middle of Afzal’s and my time together. On this side … Continue reading

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Romeo and Juliet: the balcony scene

Veins like thoseon my mother’s hand,Antennae as alert

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