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depression is good for you

Today I read a 7 page article on how depression makes you a better person and sadness should not be stigmatized. Which was a lucky break really because the time I’d have wasted moping around, I spent reading this piece, … Continue reading

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She drinks her milk,lets go with a Smack! Puts her hand on my cheek,turns my face sideways.New orange and silver earring, She smiles

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Funny Bones gets some rest. Shares it with all

February sunstays out longer, hanging on, looking in

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Conversation: fighting like children

We are building a home. We are raising three little children.Its exhausting, exhilirating, tiresome, mind-numbing……it’s what WE have chosen to do. We like trouble, we take risks…..they just don’t appear to us to be either trouble or risks when we … Continue reading

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Fathers and Sons

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye and Dev D. Desperate attempts to watch a film…. saw both on bad monitors, bad audio and in the case of Dev D, such a bad DVD copy as well. Both films made me think about … Continue reading

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Pictures help

Sometimes I ringthe bell and run awayToday I’m home Toy train,Window looks inat Aliza

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