depression is good for you

Today I read a 7 page article on how depression makes you a better person and sadness should not be stigmatized. Which was a lucky break really because the time I’d have wasted moping around, I spent reading this piece, and in the end felt smarter (for being sad), bored (same old same old) and ready to do some real work

Conversation: fighting like children

We are building a home. We are raising three little children.
Its exhausting, exhilirating, tiresome, mind-numbing……it’s what WE have chosen to do. We like trouble, we take risks…..they just don’t appear to us to be either trouble or risks when we jump into them.
Who knows, maybe they aren’t!
Maybe it is all fun and beautiful like we first thought it would be. (Plus we never do our maths in time)

A: People fight like such small children at work…. the plumber, painter, carpenter, mason
N: :Hmmm
A: Well, even we fight like small children over the house, don’t we?
N: :(she smiles)
A: You don’t take enough interest in the house
N: You spend one hour with the kids everyday, being all lovey-dovey. I spend one hour with the house everyday, pretending to care about the tiles and stone
A: What!
N: My project is the kids, your project is the house. We treat each other’s project the same way…..little contribution, full interference (she smiles widely)
A: ha ha ha!

Fathers and Sons

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye and Dev D.

Desperate attempts to watch a film…. saw both on bad monitors, bad audio and in the case of Dev D, such a bad DVD copy as well.

Both films made me think about fathers and sons. About loving so hard and yet not knowing how to love.
Seeming cool on the outside, but being on the run inside.
Wanting to give, give, give…… having nothing to offer.

Reminded me of Bhai, Fahad, Sarfaraz and closer home, Afzal.