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Two Versions

Two versions. Papa’s and Mine. Two paths diverged in the woods. Dad took one and I took the other. We were both looking for the same thing.‘You matter, you are important, I love you.’ And eventually we were looking for … Continue reading

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Slow Coach

I’m slow. Say something begins to happen now. I begin to note the symptoms in a few months.Takes me 6-8 months , sometimes over a year to figure out that I may be depressed. Or angry. Then 2-3 years, sometimes … Continue reading

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Aapa nahi raheen

Afzal’s Bua died yesterday. I overheard Afzal’s father tell him on the phone, ‘Aapa nahi raheen.’ She was the most powerful frail old woman I have met. We were in Adilabad for 10 days this winter. She seemed quite ill, … Continue reading

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he tiptoed from behind mehand over my eyeswarm silencesnug womb

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green curtains with gold borders

I used to carryhomeinside me It was lightIt made me freeto sleep anywherehowever lateIt was easy to be homeAlways Then it started growingBecame heavyBulkyNoisyInterferingIt would ring me in the middle of a conversationKnock Knock It began to hurtI put it … Continue reading

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Busy Busy

He’s a gambler, I’m an addictWe keep busy Both of us seek reformRehabilitationRegeneration We telleach otherstories We keep busyHe Adventure Hunter, Risk LoverMe Challenge Addict

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