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Where am I?

I stay in one placeAnchoredI wander near homeCome back to myself Found tears, kept in a boxLost under a heap.Some I tried on,Like old earrings. Blurred vision,Wet cheeks,Letting go of painSmall bits, one at a time.

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Post partum Depression

He became numb, he ran. He ran in circles, he was exhausted. Whatever he started doing, he took twice, thrice as long as he needed to.He fell asleep. Deep, early sleep in which he did not hear any sounds. He … Continue reading

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My Silent Brother

Bhai didn’t speak to me for 11 years. From 1984 to 1995. It was very hurtful but we got used to communicating by not communicating. We were in the same school, same bus-stand, school bus. Even when we went to … Continue reading

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The man who never wanted to have any children

I know a man who never wanted to have any children. He takes very tender, loving care of his wife when she is pregnant. Foot massage and fresh jalebis, if that’s what she wants. Jamoca Almond Fudge, in cone from … Continue reading

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