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Lunch with Manu

Manu is my little Bhaiya.We grew up together. Sheetal and Manu have 2 year old twins. Busy, busy.I am an angel attendant in my own right. 2 Sundays ago, by some twist of events, we found ourselves, Manu and I, … Continue reading

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Connecting the dots

I saw a film called Khamosh Pani once. I was pregnant with Aliza, our second born. We probably had two more weeks to go. January 2005. At some point during the film my identification with the central character became very … Continue reading

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Conversation: Go back to being Mama and Papa!

Breakfast Table. Af is building a dream home for us. And I am getting to colour it. (she swoons…..) My colourful, somewhat eclectic dress sense is going to get translated into a colourful home. Co-ordinating my clothes is all the … Continue reading

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Just because I make it look easy, doesn’t mean its not difficult

This conversation took place somewhere in the middle of the 25 day adventure trip that Afzal had gone for. From Benaras to Gangasagar on the Ganga: to cleanse, refresh, rejuvenate his exhausted and cluttered life.Little women and I were adventuring … Continue reading

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Get out of my house right this minute

My therapist/trainer is called Fr. Os I said one day, I seem depressed. I have no energy, where’s my spirit?He said: Ask the depression what it wants? So I did. Depression, what do you want?The cheeky bastard, it said, I … Continue reading

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Find a way to change the story, Mama

Radhika and IExhausted in the late afternoon heatOn a news shoot.Can’t remember right away where we wereNot Banda, not Muzzafarpur, not RaipurSeems somewhere in Rajasthan. I remember the hut.Long, not square like children draw.Big shady tree outsideMen sitting on a … Continue reading

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