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My Mum

This visit home I understood something a little better. How she coped with everything putting her best efforts into it, because she tried to give Dad everything like he wants it, she tried to keep things peaceful for us, and … Continue reading

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Filming Bodies after a Massacre

Among other roles, I have also been a Cameraperson with a News Channel. Thankfully I burnt out of that role early enough. Climbed out of that hole and lay vertical on the ground, looking at the sky, till a crow … Continue reading

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Cameramen Make Good Mothers

Among other roles, I have also been a Cameraperson, a Videographer for television news and programs. And I’ll tell you this: Everything I know about being a Mum I practiced in the years that I was a Cameraperson, lugging my … Continue reading

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You call that LUNCH?

Table for twoActually one chair, one table neededI take off her shoes, park her on the table The intimacy at lunchwhen its just the two of us She licks my fingers, I suck hersDal dripping from her chinTomato seed in … Continue reading

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Without you at Home

The morning tea tastes like dirty water. But I still drink it in your memory. Kanta mausi’s super-healthy sparkling, colourful veggie lunch…… seems like I stopped at the wrong dhaba on a dusty highway. The newspaper is meaningless without someone … Continue reading

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What are you doing, hiding behind him?

I’m hiding behind him because the superficial world, the chamki world, the world of aggression and competition tempts me too much. I love it, I thrive in it………. but I don’t want to spend all my time and life there.Its … Continue reading

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Karela is good for Health

Sahar’s tearful confession.And mine too as I record this. (Confession, yes. Tearful, no) It happened a few days ago on a Saturday morning. Three kids awake and active as well as Afzal at home.I snapped at Sahar over something, nothing … Continue reading

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