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Leisure Pleasure

Ever since I married this man, I’ve started drinking tea and eating rice with my hands. A more pleasure oriented life, lets say.(next I might start eating some of those toffees I stash away in my wardrobe)

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Notes on M A B

MAB: I don’t know why I love you, but Damn! I do Makes the most atrocious (embarrassing) PC. Unapologetically. Is masseur par excellence. Expert at cleaning the bathroom he uses…. he dries the floor with the wiper…. even if the … Continue reading

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Sasural: Visiting In Laws

Be yourself.Be aloof.Be quiet. Smile readily. Its easier to smile readily if you have been aloof and quiet for a while, conserving your energy.

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how can I escape from here? asked the rabbit

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World Peace

This is my world, I say. This is my world, he says. Two circles. Sometimes they intersect and make a cosy little nook with a rainbow above and the gentle soundtrack of a gurgling brook in the background. Sometimes, they … Continue reading

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Create New from Old Waste

Sahar received a Certificate from school for this project. Third Prize. Create at least two furniture items etc. from household waste items like cartons.I have to admit I hijacked the project. I should be apologetic but honestly, I enjoyed myself … Continue reading

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my dear Nephew

My idiot nephew is a bit of a copy of me when I was younger. (like till about 6 months ago)So charming and full of smiles for the rest of the world and so NASTY to his mother. I hope … Continue reading

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