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Leisure Pleasure

Ever since I married this man, I’ve started drinking tea and eating rice with my hands. A more pleasure oriented life, lets say.(next I might start eating some of those toffees I stash away in my wardrobe)

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Notes on M A B

MAB: I don’t know why I love you, but Damn! I do Makes the most atrocious (embarrassing) PC. Unapologetically. Is masseur par excellence. Expert at cleaning the bathroom he uses…. he dries the floor with the wiper…. even if the … Continue reading

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Sasural: Visiting In Laws

Be yourself.Be aloof.Be quiet. Smile readily. Its easier to smile readily if you have been aloof and quiet for a while, conserving your energy.

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how can I escape from here? asked the rabbit

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World Peace

This is my world, I say. This is my world, he says. Two circles. Sometimes they intersect and make a cosy little nook with a rainbow above and the gentle soundtrack of a gurgling brook in the background. Sometimes, they … Continue reading

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Create New from Old Waste

Sahar received a Certificate from school for this project. Third Prize. Create at least two furniture items etc. from household waste items like cartons.I have to admit I hijacked the project. I should be apologetic but honestly, I enjoyed myself … Continue reading

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my dear Nephew

My idiot nephew is a bit of a copy of me when I was younger. (like till about 6 months ago)So charming and full of smiles for the rest of the world and so NASTY to his mother. I hope … Continue reading

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Pending approval

Kids, they need your approval.You might as well give it to them. Or they get hooked to your disapproval. I did. (On the other hand, look what all I achieved just to get my hands on another dose of my … Continue reading

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A few million reasons why

The 1005th reason why we had Naseem has to do with Manu, my younger brother. The only way to learn how to do it differently seems to be to start again from the very beginning and put myself in Mum’s … Continue reading

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