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Fate of an Almond

I show her a badam.She smiles. 7 front teeth.‘No,’ goes her little head. I put it in my mouth and chew slowly. Deliberately.She looks. I show her some chewed stuff on my tongue.She looks. A bit intrigued.She wants, I hope.She … Continue reading

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Beauty and Brains

After Naseem was born, I sms-ed Afzal from the Labour Ward.“She has her father’s eyes” “I hope she has her mother’s brains,” he sms-ed back. He was fasting that morning. Naseem was born in the month of Ramzaan in 2008.

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Argument over tea this morning. Which kid is more like him, which like me? Bickering in the breeze. Oops, its time to wake them up for school.

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Thank You Everybody

Like an orchestra conductor thanks the artists after the performance. Like a Director thanks her actors.Maybe more like a solo artist thanks all the technical staff. Like a Mother who thanks all the experts in the delivery room actually. Doctors, … Continue reading

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This is what I was born to do

An old forgotten friend found me and wrote to me and the happiness it has unleashed in my heart seems to have uncorked the writing genie from the bottle.Maybe it is coincidence, I don’t know. A cat had got my … Continue reading

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