one sane, one insane

A friend was visiting yesterday and he said he was asked a difficult question at his daughter’s school admission interview. The principal asked him, “so what is the difference between your two children?”

I said, “oh, that is a really easy question for us! One is sane and the other is insane.”
How do I capture Aliza’s personality…. words, images, sounds…? I don’t have a clue right now.
Ever since she started pre-school 15 days ago… she is so HAPPY. Its like she has fallen in love for the first time. She is out of control…. so HAPPY, so PROUD, so HYPER….( a word easy to use for small children who are running around singing to themselves, and not open to conversation!)
Sitting on the pot and singing, Ba Ba Black sheep, Hanoo Wanoo Woo!
Its March adn we hear, Jingle bells, jingle bells….
ANd her version of Dhobi aaya, kapde laaya….(a jingle I am not familiar with)goes Gobhi gaya, kapde laaya…teen, chaar paanch!

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