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last day at work: august 2007

In the end, it was a nondescript day.I went to the Genpact office in Gurgaon, sat in on a meeting that did not go that far…. saw hostility, bitchiness, aggression, laziness, dishonesty… all the concomitants of success, the emotions that … Continue reading

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Rajani left us today

September 2007.Rajani left us today. Rajani, my children’s Didi.Rajani who allowed me to go into my depression. Who gave Aliza so much that it freed me to be myself, to rebuild Natasha. To go back to work and find my … Continue reading

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The moon wants a toffee

october 2007We were in the car, evening traffic in Kalkaji. I saw the moon, 3 days short of full moon. Being publicised on TV these days as closest to the earth than it will ever be again in our lifetime. … Continue reading

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Aliza and Allah

I love Aliza’s relationship with Allah miya.He lives in her heart, she associates her heartbeat with him.Yesterday, we bought jalebis, she was hungry, so as soon as started eating, there was a surge of happy hormones in her.She placed her … Continue reading

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one sane, one insane

A friend was visiting yesterday and he said he was asked a difficult question at his daughter’s school admission interview. The principal asked him, “so what is the difference between your two children?” I said, “oh, that is a really … Continue reading

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