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Did I tell you ?

did I tell you…… I’ve quit. Quit my 12 year old much beloved, identity defining job. When I started this blog, it was this journey that I wanted to trace. This is the gateway…. the point from where I measure … Continue reading

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Going in the wrong direction again, par duniya gol hai

15 APRIL 2007Sahar has completed 4 years. Started school.Aliza is 2 and 2 month. Aliza- 100% child, here to remind us that God wants us to be happy. OK, I’m on an AA flight to Chicago on my way to … Continue reading

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Are you two sisters ?

Aliza asked Afzal and me. I was wearing Afzal’s t-shirt at night, so Aliza tried to clear the fog in her 2 yr old brain by asking me where I got this t-shirt from. I said its Afzal’s.So my dialogue … Continue reading

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